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The Marais Vendéen lies between the Loire River and Noirmoutier Island. Its wild grasslands have enchanted many farmers over the years, who subsequently decided to settle there and dedicate themselves to farming and cheese making in the area. This was certainly the case for Pascal Beillevaire, who was born and raised on his parents’ dairy farm in the Marais Vendéen. Pascal dreamed of blending two of his dearest passions: trade and agriculture. He began selling cream, butter and some other dairy products in the local markets around Machecoul. Many years of hard work and dedication have transformed the family dairy farm into Beillevaire Dairy – a respectable cheese maker, affineur and distributor.

A few years ago, Fabrice Beillevaire, Pascal Beillevaire's son, decided to take the family business further. In 2011, the first branch abroad was born: Fromagerie Beillevaire UK, based in London! This branch developed its wholesale operations to supply hotels, restaurants and delis. The products supplied are made in our workshops in France or selected throughout France, United Kingdom and other European countries. More recently the branch is offering a home delivery service.

Fromagerie Beillevaire developed a lot over the past ten years but has never lost its roots and its values since the beginning.


  Our Mission  



At Beillevaire UK, we deliver cheese and dairy to restaurants, hotels and delis, from Monday to Saturday. We receive our products from our workshop in Machecoul, France. We stock and then dispatch them from our warehouse in London and in the UK. 

We are now offering a home delivery service.



Our Office is in charge of the British, North European & North American Market.

In partnership with Sophie Vrignaud (Head of Operations) in our head office and Jean Philippe Rougier (Head of Sales for Belgium, East Europe, Middle East and Asia) we will help you import and promote Beillevaire products in your country.

Please do not hesitate to

contact us for any enquiries!


  Producer & Affineur  


We have 6 creameries where we make a variety of cheeses and dairy products including butter, yoghurt, PDO Camembert de Normandie, PDO Chabichou du Poitou, PDO Picodon d’Ardèche and PDO Brie de Meaux among others. 

We also have 5 maturation cellars located in different regions of France. The artisanal and farmhouse cheeses, both made at our workshops and by local cheese makers, are aged here from anywhere between a few months to 3 years by skilled and experienced affineur.

All our products are artisanal, and we are the last butter producer to make it from raw cream in a wooden churn.

We can also customize our products with your brand. Please contact us if you would like more information about this.


At Beillevaire, we have a range of over 300 farmhouse or artisan cheeses, which we have selected for their quality and originality (shape, name, flavour…). Most of the cheeses we pick are made from raw milk, and have a strong relationship with their terroirs, the land where they are produced.








At Beillevaire, we go the extra mile to find hidden treasures all over France and beyond. We hand-pick each goat’s, ewe’s and cow’s milk cheese ourselves.

Between you and the producer, there is only us!

And between the producer and us, there is only trust and respect!


The Team

Meet a part of the lovely people who are working hard to develop the family business in London! The team is small, but we are growing fast... and we are hiring! Please contact us if you are interested in joining our team.

Fabrice Beillevaire




Fabrice followed his father's footsteps and started the Beillevaire UK Odyssey in 2011. You will see him everywhere: at the wheel of one of our vehicles, singing lullabies to our cheeses in the warehouse, or in your kitchen... He does it all, and he loves it!

Christophe Demeyer




Christophe's love of cheese and good food knows no borders. After honing his skills in France and Switzerland he moved to the UK. He joined Beillevaire in 2012 and has been our Driver-in-Chief since 2013. Armed with endless patience and Pink Floyd's collected works, he is roaming the streets of London to bring you the best of Beillevaire!

Olivier Vittet




Olivier's indomitable sense of adventure led him to join us in the Spring of 2015. He has been the cheese-master ever since: first driving through the streets of London to spread the good word, now lovingly cutting and packing your orders. 


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e-mail: beillevaire.orders@gmail.com

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Beillevaire products are now available for home delivery.

See below the offer :




For further details, please contact beillevaire.orders@gmail.com

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